Cleans glass, mirrors, tiles, stainless steel, countertops, stoves, microwaves, car windshields, TV's, computer screens and more with just water and leaves no streaks behind. All you need is WATER. You just wet it, wring it, wipe it and walk away. It's THAT EASY.  Save time and money. NO Windex, NO paper towels.
These cloths are WASHABLE and guaranteed to last for 1 YEAR!!!
Come in and see a demonstration today.

Check out the pictures below.

                  My patio table is so easy to keep clean now. No streaks. Just wipe and go! You`re done!
                                                                                                                                  It`s that simple.


Picture 1- This is my patio table when it came out of storage.

Picture 2-  I show that I am using only water from the tap to wet the cloth.

Picture 3 - This cloth is 4 years old.

Picture4 - Spotless table!

Does your remote look like this? Take the batteries out and clean it with a damp KD CLOTH! Amazing results. Works great on keyboards too

Glass shelves in the problem with the KD Cloth, cleans up any mess or stuck on gunk.