Here is a quick tip for people who don’t have much time. I was making an omelette for breakfast and took the baggie that had some leftover ham in it out of the fridge. Instead of putting it on the cutting board, I cut the baggie open at each end…..after all you are going to throw the baggie out anyway right?


I cut the ham up on the baggie and put it into the eggs. Then I just threw the baggie out. No clean up at all! Didn’t have to wash the big cutting board. And about a week ago I had two pork steaks that I was sprinkling spices on before cooking. There were in a larger baggie from the freezer. I just slit it open down each side….I sprinkled everything I needed to and when the pork steaks went into the pan, I simply folded up the now dirty baggie and threw it away. Just a little trick to save you time….and money!

Also I had a napkin that was ready for the garbage (or compost bin). I was boiling eggs. Put the egg shells on the napkin and then put it in the garbage or compost bin. I have a compost bin, but not every does. So whichever you choose, it just uses up 2 things to accomplish one goal. Also newspaper works well for egg shells, potato peelings, and such.


Have a great February day everyone!