Do you have some Ritz, Bacon Dippers, Swiss Cheese or other kinds of crackers left over from the holidays? Are they broken bits and getting stale sitting in the box? Wow! Have I got a tip for you!  Take them and grind them up for instant crumb coating for chicken, fish, pork chops or whatever you use bread crumbs on. You can use all the same crackers or just throw a bunch together for a different taste. If you don't have enough for the recipe you are doing, just throw in a tablespoon or two of regular bread crumbs to make enough. I have found that the crackers make for a great crunchy coating on all the items above. And when I just have a little bit of crackers and want to recycle the box, I grind them up and seal them in a Zipper Bag and freeze them until I have more leftovers. And you can put them in a food processor or just put them in a bag and use a rolling pin on it. I have even used an empty bread bag to make them and use them that day!. Works great! Tastes great! Try it someday.